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I have spent my life identifying and implementing innovative approaches that enable business, non-profit, and government organizations to accomplish their missions better.  I have designed and implemented small one-time projects, such as planning training workshops and overseeing government-funded research.  I also excel at designing and implementing much more in-depth, long-term projects, such as reinventing organizations and their business processes and building new organizations from the ground up.  In my consulting, advisory, and project management and implementation engagements, I use my knowledge and experience to identify and overcome client challenges and deliver stellar results.

In my pursuit of these objectives, I believe in the power of technology—both today’s leading edge as well as newly emerging technology—to greatly enable efficiency improvements and great outcomes.  I look at the projects I undertake with an eye toward leveraging technology in exceeding client expectations.  New approaches that leverage emerging technology to change the status quo hold the promise to create profound improvements to society. Instant, global communications made possible by the Internet changes everything.  People and organizations are no longer limited in their reach by their ability to project their message.  I believe that a modern, capitalist society built around these principles has the potential to be more fair and equal, more transparent, more efficient, and with a more equal distribution of wealth—overcoming gatekeepers and choke points that have entrenched global systems, often for centuries.  I leverage this belief, as well as my knowledge and expertise, to implement best practices that are well-suited for today’s economy as well as resilient for tomorrow’s new paradigm.

I enjoy working with projects at any phase in their planning and development but have particular expertise in bringing ideas to life.  I have a broad scope of knowledge and am always seeking to expand it, both to the benefit of the projects I work with as well as for my own personal growth.  Building resilient organizations, their teams, processes, procedures, and business plans are what I do best.  It is very personally satisfying to work with projects from their initial idea and conceptual phase through to their launch as successful businesses or non-profits.  I also enjoy working with small and established organizations to efficiently implement projects to their exact specifications.

I am the Chief Executive Officer of my project management, advisory, and consulting firm, BFB.ME LLC.  I am also a Founder and Executive Director of Blockchain Technology Research Innovations Corporation, a non-profit economic development organization that focuses on promoting emerging technology concepts, including blockchain, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, and personal data store. In addition, I am also the Executive Director of the Nelson R. Beideman Center for Responsible Fisheries, a charitable organization named for my late father, a driving force behind bringing accountability and responsibility to U.S.-based commercial fisheries.  Through the Center, I focus on fostering and promoting opportunities for responsible fishing by recreational and commercial fishermen.

Current Engagements

Founder/Chief Executive Officer
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April 2018 – Today

Founder and Chief Executive of a consultancy that provides advisory, business analysis, administrative, project management, strategic and tactical planning, and implementation services to businesses.

  • Advises international organizations about next-generation, emerging technologies, their use cases, and opportunities for them to apply the technologies to their processes, products, and services.
  • Works with organizations to modernize and refine their business processes, enabling more efficient operations and better bottom-line results.
  • Provide guidance and expertise to businesses seeking to build stronger partnerships with governmental entities—both domestic and international, through contracting, grants, technology transfers, and joint ventures.
  • Developed detailed strategic guidance for businesses that have resulted in greater opportunities and revenues, especially focused on business efficiency gains and utilization of emerging technologies.

V Group Inc.

Business Coordinator
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December 2017 – Today

Leads business development, communications, and outreach to employees, contractors, clients, and partners.  Builds solid relationships to increase opportunities for collaboration and growth.  Leverages know-how related to emerging technologies to grow revenue and improve business processes.

  •  Provide expertise that informs internal and external stakeholders to make better decisions with respect to the retention of key subject matter experts.
  • Reviews internal product pipeline to secure additional sources of revenue by focusing on emerging technologies.
  • Informs company decisionmakers about key considerations essential to continuous improvements in business process management.
  • Provides expertise in business development, with a focus on technology-centric areas of growth.
Blockchain Technology Research Innovations Corporation

Executive Director
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August 2017 – Today

Leader of a non-profit economic development organization that focuses on business incubation, education and advocacy, and research and development of emerging technologies, including blockchain distributed ledger, artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented and virtual reality, and Internet of Things (IoT).

  • Launched complementary U.S. and U.K. based charitable organizations, including development and implementation of initial conception and formation, governance, and operations policies.
  • Successfully created and executed best-practice business processes for all facets of the organization, including compliance, governance, accounting, stakeholder relations, grant applications, and management of its initiatives.
  • Conducted a successful initial funding initiative for the organization in the model of an Initial Donor Offering (IDO).
  • Built a network of innovators in the emerging technology ecosystem.
Nelson R. Beideman Center for Responsible Fisheries
Executive Director, Co-founder Visit Website

July 2015 – Today

Founder and chief executive of a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, dedicated to researching, developing, and promoting best-practices for improving responsibility in U.S. wild-capture fisheries.

  • Achieved the launch of grant-funded programs that connect diverse stakeholders in training and collaboration sessions.
  • Developed and launched projects—including educational, research and development, and advocacy initiatives—that advanced the organization’s mission and led to greater stakeholder engagement.
  • Provided extensive experience in the preparation of grant proposals, including budgeting, team relations (employees and subject matter expert consultants), specifications, narrative authorship, and implementation/operations plans.
  • Conceived and constructed a web-based data-sharing system that assisted a wide array of participants in grant-funded research projects.
Past Experience
Vast Array Corporation
Chief Operations Officer

February 2010 – December 2017

Key executive with primary responsibility to ensure that all facets of an administrative and management services business, with corporate, non-profit, and public sector clients, ran optimally.

  • Delivered consistent, significant year over year revenue growth through the architecture and implementation of complicated multi-disciplinary projects for clients.
  • Led efforts to focus the operations team on capturing public sector opportunities, which resulted in significant revenue increases and greater employee utilization.
  • Successfully diversified the company’s client base, leading to substantial revenue increases, new lines of business, and client retention improvements.
  • Expanded business capabilities to encompass all phases of project implementation and delivery.
Sustainable Swordfish, LLC

Chief Executive Manager
(LLC Manager)

May 2012 – June 2015

Fully controlled all facets of this marketing partnership, including planning and operations from pre-formation to orderly dissolution.  This included the design and implementation of certification plans, operational plans, fishery client action plans, and independent adjudication submissions.

  • Coordinated the operations, from conception to completion, of this marketing partnership of major U.S. seafood wholesalers, including continuous improvements to operations that resulted in a 45% cost savings.
  • Developed and implemented a detailed plan to seek and obtain eco-friendly seafood certification pursuant to the rigid criteria established by the world’s leading eco-certification for wild capture seafood.
  • Forged coalitions with diverse stakeholders—partners, environmental organizations, market participants, and others—throughout the process.
  • Developed detailed corrective plans and other documentation required to successfully complete an extended approval process which included close review by an independent adjudicator.
Blue Water Fishermen’s Association
Assistant Executive Director

September 2010 – August 2015

Led the reinvention of a trade association representing a dominant segment of U.S. seafood wholesalers since 1990.  Assembled the team, resources, and capabilities necessary for the organization to better meet its objectives.  Developed competencies in a variety of specific areas, and used this expertise to realize gains in efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Managed the daily operations of the organization, including governance, member services, and advocacy. Assembled and coordinated the staff, contractors, resources, and capabilities necessary for the organization to meet its objectives.
  • Achieved a revitalization of the association, including development of the plans components, such as enhanced member service, governance restructuring, in-person workshops, advocacy, and greater cost efficiencies, that resulted in large gains in the prominence of the organization.
  • Realized multiple years of 30-50% revenue growth and ongoing operational surpluses that improved fiscal condition.
  • Developed subject matter expertise in unfamiliar disciplines, including Federal rulemaking and effective advocacy.
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